New Chef

With success ended his career of Chef the beneficiary of AUPE, Carmen Aguilar. She along their studies of cooking has been Professor's assistant in your centre of studies and also has had some work in restaurants of the city. Carmen, studied cooking thanks to the agreement signed between the AUPE and La Escuela del Cheff, which school provides scholarships to beneficiaries of AUPE.

AUPE's Newest beneficiary

Karina Lisbeth Purizaca Pulache, is one of the new beneficiaries of AUPE. He joined in late April and studies at La Escuela del Cheff. His parents sold snacks at schools and they not have the resources sufficient to provide her technical education.

AUPE's Newest beneficiary

Ericka Lismith Vasquez Román, is the second new beneficiary of AUPE. He joined in late April and studies at La Escuela del Cheff. She spent two years without study by not count with them means necessary.

AUPE's Newest beneficiary

Karina Ipanaque Durand, is the third new beneficiary of AUPE. It is a beneficiary of AUPE since late August, about to start its seventh month of classes at La Escuela dl Cheff; Since her older sister, only source of family income, and who financially supported his studies, lost his job as a technique in nursing.

AUPE's Newest beneficiary

Carlos is AUPE's Newest beneficiary. He has started his studies in Mechanical Refrigeration and Air Conditioning in SENATI.

List of our 2015 Raffle winners

The Raffle was a big success. We thank all the people involved, especially those who bought the tickets and the volunteers who helped sell them; and a special mention to the people who were present, families of AUPE's founders and the father of one of our former beneficiaries. Without their support all of this would have been a much more difficult task – Thank you Mrs. Olanda, Mrs. Gladis and Mr. Rolando

And the winners are:

1.First prize: Body fit eliptica Winner: Franco Ancajima Quinde 2. Second prize: Horno microondas Winner: Lidia Susana Peralta Farías 3. Third prize: Impresora Winner: Lidia Susana Peralta Farías 4. Fourth prize: Whisky JW etiqueta negra Winner: Felix Yarlequé Chero 5. Fifth prize: Kit selfie Winner: Rosita Chavez Valencia

Congratulations to all!

2015 Raffle

As you know, AUPE holds an annual raffle as the sole source of income. The 2015 raffle took place on December 20. The awards were great, but nothing is greater than the satisfaction of knowing that we have the opportunity to collaborate.

Graduation of the second beneficiary of AUPE

It is with happiness and satisfaction that we share whith you the graduation of the second beneficary of AUPE of the career of Auto Mechanics in SENATI.

That makes it two Young men who have completed a technical degree thanks to the support of AUPE. Congratulations Pepe, keep still working hard, you've got a long way to go and many goals to achieve.

AUPE NGO celebrates its third anniversary

Three years of helping low income youths through technical education. During these three years AUPE has had 5 beneficiaries, two of which have concluded studies in Topography and Auto Mechanics and a young lady completing successfully her first year of Chef School.

In this third year AUPE has a new beneficiary, who has also chosen the Chef School. It wasn't easy, but with some effort and perseverance we are achieving our goals.

We count on all our collaborators- who help us year after year to sell the raffles- to keep helping more young men and women and to be able to offer them bigger and better opportunities.

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Anniversary Dinner

We celebrated our third anniversary with a nice warm dinner. Volunteers, collaborators, beneficiaries and their families shared happy moments being reunited on the occasion of the third anniversary.

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Starts Chef School

Kathy, AUPE's new beneficiary, started her studies in the Chef School.

We wish you success, Kathy. May nothing stop you on your way to achieving your goals.

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Beneficiary Selection Process

In 2013 the team met with students AUPE the first 15 places in each classroom of Seniors in Manuel Scorza High School, located in the village center La Primavera - Piura. They were given information pamphlet technical courses that are taught in the city of Piura and underwent a survey of socio-economic assessment.

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Graduation of AUPE’s very First Beneficiary

Jhonny Flores, AUPE’s first beneficiary completed successfully his Topography studies and graduated. His proud mother showed her joy and was thankful to AUPE for its work.

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Completion of Auto Mechanics studies

AUPE’s beneficiary Pedro Cordova, completed successfully his Auto Mechanics studies. The next step is to get his diploma.

A few words from Pedro:
Today I’m more than happy, it has been a busy day, but full of accomplishments, and good ones. I thank God and my parents who bet on me and what I really love, as well as NGO AUPE who are a big part of this accomplishment, thank you all for the motivation you gave me everyday, the kind that make you feel capable of getting up and keep on fighting. Today, December 12, 2014 I finished my studies successfully.Thank you dad and mom. This one is for you.

Starts academic year

Carmen Aguilar, AUPE’s beneficiary studying to be a Chef, started her studies and is already learning new ways to make delicious dishes.

Solidary raffle AUPE 2014

AUPE’s income come from a solidary raffle held every year, for which a solidary chain is created in order to sell and buy tickets. This raffle has been held since year 2012.

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